I have been meaning to produce music for over a decade. But I kept putting it off and only recently took the plunge.

My form will improve over time. But the tracks below capture enough of my artistic vision for me to share. You will hear elements of trip hop, violin solos, and East Asian influence.

A Cold One

Hedonistic pleasure and release.

John Yeung · [Sample] A Cold One


Riding into town with some old-school swagger.

John Yeung · Carriage


The archetypes of the young & reckless and the mature & prudent.

John Yeung · Wisdom

Coffee Milk Tea 凍鴛鴦

Celebrating the distinct classic beverage in Hong Kong.

John Yeung · Coffee Milk Tea 凍鴛鴦


This was my first track, depicting space exploration and an intergalactic party.

John Yeung · Celestial