Here's a sample of my music. You will hear elements of trip hop, violin solos, and East Asian influence.

Do It

Do it. Do it with style.

John Yeung · Do It

Moody Sunday

Feeling sentimental in the city on a Sunday evening.

John Yeung · Moody Sunday

Tune In

Relaxed at night. The body is tired, but the mind wants to do more.

John Yeung · Tune In

Iced Tea at Night

Take a sip of a peaceful night after a crazy week.

John Yeung · Iced Tea At Night

A Cold One

Hedonistic pleasure and release.

John Yeung · [Sample] A Cold One


Riding into town with some old-school swagger.

John Yeung · Carriage


The archetypes of the young & reckless and the mature & prudent.

John Yeung · Wisdom

Coffee Milk Tea 凍鴛鴦

Celebrating the distinct classic beverage in Hong Kong.

John Yeung · Coffee Milk Tea 凍鴛鴦


This was my first track, depicting space exploration and an intergalactic party.

John Yeung · Celestial